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10 Tips to Save Time on Your Beauty Routine

10 Tips to Save Time on Your Beauty Routine

If you’re anything like me, you’re pressed for time in the morning. Between taking my kids to school and trying to make my morning work out, who has time for a beauty routine?

Here are 10 time saving tips I’ve learned that work for even the busiest moms:

1. Go for the Bronzer and highlighter!

If you’re running late most days, like me, bronzing powder and highlighter go a long way! Grab a powder brush and sweep a bronzer or warmer tone in your highlighter powder kit across cheeks and right under the eye area to brighten up your face. Use the lightest shade in your highlighter kit to highlight nose, middle of the forehead, upper lip crease and chin. Sweep warmest shade of your highlighter kit across lids to brighten eyes.

2. Enter the neutral zone.

I love a neutral eyeshadow palette. Plus neutral tones hide imperfections and blend easier than dark tones. Save the darker, smokey eye for when you have time to apply and blend. Neutral tones complement any eye color and makes eyes look brighter. Find your perfect neutral by choosing a shade that one shade darker that your natural eyelid or lip color.

3. Use a mascara primer and mascara

Once I discovered mascara primer, my mascara went so much further. Primer prepares your lashes to take on mascara better and helps eliminate the need to apply more than one coat. After applying primer, follow up with your mascara to make eyes pop even more.

4. Apply a long wearing lipstick.

Invest in a long wearing all day lipstick and you will never have to apply again throughout the day. Choose a neutral or light shade so that any mistakes in applying can easily be wiped away with a makeup wipe.

5. Wash your hair the night before.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to take my showers at night. A shower at night helps me to relax and have a better night’s rest and saves me so much time in the morning. I let my hair dry naturally but place it in a bun while it’s slightly damp. In the morning, I have natural waves without fussing with it.

6. Use a quick drying combo moisturizer + SPF 30+ facial sunscreen.

One of the most important steps you can do to help you look your youngest and protect your skin is to apply sunscreen everyday. Find a quick drying one to save time.

7. Opt for a watch and subtle earrings for your jewelry.

When you’re in a rush in the morning, LESS is more! I usually pick a subtle earring made of either silver or gold plated to match my watch. I have several earrings that I have on constant rotation.

8. Apply a leave in conditioner in your hair after washing it the night before.

Applying a leave in conditioner after washing your hair eliminates fly aways and bed head in the morning. Just smooth out hair with your fingers in the morning. No need to brush your hair.

9. No time to wash your face in the morning?

Use a toner and swipe all over face to eliminate oil from the night’s rest. Afterwards, apply your combination moisturizer+facial sunscreen.

10. Use dry shampoo instead of washing your hair.

No time to even wash your hair at night? Use a dry shampoo the night before to control oil and shine.

My 10 minute beauty routine. On face: R+F mineral peptide powder, Smashbox highlighter trio, LipSense lipgloss in Napa, Dior Mascara primer, MAC mascara, Christian Dior earrings, Banana Republic necklace

Thank you 2018, next

Thank you 2018, next